Talent nie istnieje

Flint – Talent doesn't exist

In cooperation with the Otrabarwa studio, Flint recorded a series of controversial tunes where he allowed himself to experiment with the flow and sound. As he put it all together, he realized it was material eligible for a mixtape announcing the fourth solo album.

Category: 3D, Print

Client: Koka Beats
Studio: Otrabarwa
Year: 2014
Executive producer:
Czarny Charakter / Flint


The album was distributed wrapped in a classic envelope covered in plastic foil and spot lacquer hiding bonus track on the tracklist. The illustration of exploding microphone also refers to the previous mixtape "Radosny Futbol 3", which was created with the use of the same technique. Additionally, we prepared a set of title animations with a video loop background for each track.

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