MedStar is a solution for health care that enables easy sharing of health related data between patients and medical specialists. MedStar consists of one platform with a mobile application for patients and web access for medical personnel.

Client: PMOffice / iTTi
Year: 2015


Medstar Lab invented a mobile application dedicated for expectant mothers and web access panel for medical specialists such as gynecologists, obstetricians, and midwives. Medical specialists needed to access their patients’ data everywhere and anytime, so they are able to take care of patients remotely and guide them on their journey through pregnancy.

Category: Webdesign, Mobile App


We designed mobile and web app based on the material design principles. The great Medstar team brought it to life and the product has been moved to the intense testing phase, involving real patients at the selected clinics in Europe.

Doctor panel is created in order to help them access and manage your patients’ administrative and medical data.

Therefore, the doctor can access your patients’ contact details, arrange for the next visit, monitor any changes, and analyze the results of the medical questionnaires without having to refer to a number of pages of handwritten notes. Thanks to the complete set of information available within the doctor's web panel, they will be able to dedicate their full attention to your patients.

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