Huge Thing

A 3-week long, intense pre-acceleration program based in Poland and powered by SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, featuring 500 startups and other international accelerators. We created new website dedicated to Huge Thing 2015 Edition.

Client: SpeedUp Group
Year: 2015


For the 2015 event, we wanted to refresh the website and refurbish the brand's identity while basing on the current visual elements like Huge Thing Monster. The program is dedicated to startups working on a scalable, innovative idea. During this period, they aim to provide a series of methods and resources for their development and growth. We wanted to create a fresh and modern feeling in close relation to the main subject and networking.

Huge Thing design a unique content which was delivered by the local, regional and international experts. They support the teams by providing them with valuable advice, strategic insights, some tips on technology, customer acquisition, recruitment and investor presentation.

Category: Print, Webdesign


We recreated the monster's fur in 3D, and prepared a hi-res texture, both of which were later used as one of the basic identity elements (on invitations, id's or t-shirts). Because of the dynamic growth of the project scale, we worked on both fields – online and offline.

Huge Thing was also the first Polish initiative – held in the city of Poznan – which was supposed to prepare the startups for their first funding and a successful application for the top-tier world accelerators, such as 500 startups, Y Combinator and Seedcamp. Thanks to this, the effect of our work has had a global reach.

Huge Thing 2015 / Photos: Jakub Wittchen (

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