CardApp was created in order to save the lives of heart failure patients and reduce healthcare costs. CardApp is a mobile system for patients remote monitoring and early diagnostics as well as web panel for doctor with dedicated algorithm responsible for patient's risk assessment. We've been responsible for the whole UX/UI of both mobile and web apps.

Client: MedStar

Project Manager:
Tomasz Springer

Executive producer:
Tomasz Grochowski

Year: 2015


Heart failures lead to over four million hospitalizations a year in Europe and US only. An early symptom of acute heart failure is body overhydration. Patients’ survival rate is worse than most types of cancer. Their risk of dying within the next five years is exceptionally high. In the US the total healthcare costs associated with heart failure were estimated at $21 billion in 2012. this amount of money would suffice to provide the access to clean drinking water for the entire US nation. Most of those costs unfortunately, are consumed by hospitalization. A simple way to avoid heart failures is to create a dedicated early diagnosis app.

Category: Webdesign, Mobile App


CardApp allows early overhydration diagnosis. Early diagnosis let patients avoid hospitalization. A dedicated algorithm analyzes four basic health parameters: blood pressure, pulse, body weight and daily number of steps. The results may be entered manually or automatically transferred into the system by medical devices via Bluetooth.

CardApp for patients is a mobile application equipped with a user-friendly interface to enter daily test results. From the side of the medical personnel it is a cloud platform with dedicated algorithm responsible for patients risk assessment.

During the designing process, we were in close cooperation with the team of developers. Thanks to this, we created reasonable UI based on Material Design principles, which was rapidly implemented by dedicated teams. Using Material Design also allowed us to create mobile and web cohesion.

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